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Sandra Gomez

With over a decade of experience in the Real Estate industry, Sandra brings passion and determination to the team. Sandra obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with concentrations in Real Estate, Finance, and Law from Cal Poly Pomona. Her experience includes distressed homes, first time home buyers, sellers and new home builder experience.

"Real estate has given me the opportunity to create a difference in my own life by allowing me the freedom to enjoy my children and my family. My personal values set is greatly benefitted by what I do for my clients at G5 Realty Group. I have always been passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, and helping young couples or families find their new home or release their current home is a consistent source of joy for me. In my professional world, my service to my clients means everything to me, and real estate includes a lot of legal jargon that most people don’t quite understand."


Darrel Gomez

As a life-long Rancho Cucamonga resident myself, I am uniquely qualified to steer you toward the home of your dreams! I love California, and am especially thankful to call the Inland Empire “home.” My interest in real estate began somewhat peripherally: In high-school, I was interested in becoming an architect. As so often happens, life threw me a curve ball to make sure I ended up where I have the most impact on the people around me, and I found myself in real estate, getting so much more intrinsic value from what I do than I ever imagined. My beautiful wife, Sandra, and I are blessed to enjoy a family together, so I feel doubly blessed to help other families achieve goals they never thought were possible by teaching them about the importance of investing in real estate, and showing them that it’s easier than they may have thought! In fact, I also run a real estate acquisition and disposition company. To put it another way: I “flip” houses! While I have assisted many hard-working families through the home buying, selling, or investment process, I have also helped more affluent property owners who may simply be buying another piece of property, or liquidizing some of their property to buy another someplace else.

During the housing crisis of the early 2000s, I had a special opportunity to broaden my professional horizons and help many families learn about their options to foreclosure. At the time, my wife, Sandra, and I were a part of several nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing educational seminars for homeowners with “underwater” mortgages, helping homeowners understand their options to foreclosure. We were also involved with nonprofits committed to helping stabilize the economy by purchasing and re-selling distressed homes.

The real estate transaction is one of the most intimate and important purchases anyone can make. It’s inevitable that a realtor deal with difficult or confusing issues facing his client. Issues like bankruptcy, family law, probate or trust require that an agent have the right resources to help guide their client without dispensing legal advice. That’s why I have a team of trusted legal advisors in my professional network. My professional relationships with these individuals has given me a working understanding of how personal situations affect the real estate transaction. You can depend on me to approach difficult situations with compassion and professionalism.

Having held several leadership roles (and currently serving as Secretary of the Treasury) in BNI over the past 5 years, I have mentored others with the knowledge I have acquired throughout the years. I believe that helping my clients understand the intricacies of the real estate process in a down-to-earth style is what engenders trust. Undoubtedly, trust makes the process much less intimidating for any first-time buyer or seasoned investor, and helps me negotiate more powerfully with the other parties involved.

I’m proud to say that I offer my clients a comprehensive working knowledge of many different cities in the Inland Empire, along with a relaxed and conversational communication style about each of the aspects of the transaction itself. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and your family, and discovering how I might best apply my skills and strengths toward your real estate investment and home ownership goals. 

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